Heratis lend support to peace process, republican system


HERAT: Residents of western Herat province on Sunday said preservation and protection of past gains, democracy, army structure and foreign policy should form the foundations of the peace talks.

A provincial council member, Kabir Esar, talking to a gathering in the capital Herat city said that all the people supported a peace that was acceptable to Afghans.

“If peace comes, it should protect developments and the rights of people that the current government system has ensured.”

A cleric, Mulavi Ahmad Shah, said that peace was Afghans’ priority but it should bring real security and prosperity for the public.

On the other hand, a civil society activist, Khushal Selab, said that Afghanistan’s relations should be improved with other countries and the gains made in the past two decades should be protected if peace were ensured in the country.

Selab said that an end to war, the security of the public and Afghans’ prosperity were priorities of peace and Afghans no longer wanted to be kept in darkness.

Despite intra-Afghan talks are underway in Doha, violence inside the country has drastically intensified, causing a huge number of casualties on all warring sides, as well as civilians.