Intra-Afghan talks should be held inside Afghanistan: Activists


BALKH: Civil society activists at a conference in Mazar-e-Sharif city, capital of northern Balkh province, on Sunday stressed that intra-Afghan talks taking place in Doha should be ‘Afghanized’ and brought into Afghanistan.

The conference organized by the Human Rights and Elimination of Violence, and Civil Society and Human Rights Network was also attended by several government and non-government organs.

Some participants of the conference believed that people from all classes of the society, particularly minorities, should be given a part in the ongoing peace talks so they express their demands in the key process.

Abdul Sammad Haris, head of Turkmen Council in the north, said that minorities had been ignored in important processes in the past but their role shouldn’t be overlooked in current affairs.

“One of the fundamental demands of minorities is peace and stability in the country,” he said, stressing that intra-Afghan talks should be held inside Afghanistan.

Sayed Mohammad Yazdanparast, a civil society activist in Balkh, also stressed the role and position of minorities in important processes, saying they should partake in peace talks.

This comes as intra-Afghan talks between the Afghan and the Taliban representatives started in Qatar on September 12 but no tangible advances have so far been made.