Balkh clerics dub war, civilian killings against Islamic teachings


BALKH: Several religious scholars and advocates of the civil society of northern Balkh province have termed war and assassinations against religious and Islamic values.

At a peace symposium organized by the Sanai Development Institute (SDO) on Thursday, the participants called for a nationwide ceasefire.

The head of the Sanai Development Institute, Farrokh Laqa Onchizada, said the program was set up to assess how peace talks were progressing.

The program also gathered people’s interpretations, opinions, and suggestions that are going to be shared with the peace negotiating team.

Civil society advocates Palwasha Achakzai and Hossein Hosseini highlighted that the event’s primary purpose was a permanent ceasefire in the country.

Saifuddin Hazratyar, a religious scholar in Balkh province who attended the meeting, said war and killings contradicted religious teachings and Islamic morals.

Hazratyar urged the warring opponents to halt the bloodshed and join the peace process because Islam also stressed on peace.

The participants called for a ceasefire while conflicts are raging among the Taliban and security forces in several districts in Balkh province.