Kunar residents unanimously call for end to violence


NANGARHAR: A gathering held in eastern Kunar province on the role of Ulema in strengthening peace and social cooperation has called on the Taliban to put a stop to the massacre of Afghans and announce a truce at once.

Co-organized by the United Nations Assistance Mission in the Eastern Provinces (UNAMA) and attended by religious scholars, tribal elders and youth representatives from the capital and districts of the province, the meeting discussed the challenges and threats that peace faced.

Kunar Governor Mohammad Iqbal Saeed said he was born in this land and will be buried here. “Those who want to infringe on our soil and values ​​will never achieve their goal.”

He said the government was committed to peace and had created significant opportunities in this regard.

Munira Akhundzada, UNAMA’s Political Officer for the Eastern Provinces, said the program aimed at spreading the message of peace at the local level through religious scholars.

She said the gathering would bring together the views of religious scholars on the stages of peace and reconciliation, social harmony, conflict resolution and peace-building at the local level, as well as prevention of challenges.

Akhundzada added that in this manner and through these scholars, the message of peace would be delivered to remote areas.

The meeting participants termed Ulema’s role in the peace process as significant and called on the Taliban to make peace talks a success through cessation of violence and observing a ceasefire immediately.

Similarly, local residents urged the Afghan government and the Taliban to take advantage of the opportunity of peace currently available after years of war and thus end the ongoing fighting and violence.