Herat artists hold exhibition portraying children’s agony


HERAT: Portraits exhibition displaying the challenges children face in the Afghan society was held on Monday in western Herat province.

The two-day expo titled “Buds of Affliction” was aimed at paving a peaceful ground for the education of minors.

The expo, which was held in Alama Saljuqi Hall in the capital of Herat province, portrayed artifacts, conveying the message that Afghan children should be kept away from conflicts and violence and instead provided with a safe living environment.

In the exhibition, about 27 artistic portraits were put on display. Kazim Yousufi, one of the visitors of the expo, said that Afghan children suffered huge problems in the past years as they lost their parents, siblings and other loved ones to the long-running war.

He said it was high time that the Afghan children were protected from the smoke of gun powder and provided with a peaceful life.

Sharifa Arjaa is one of the artists who says that she displays challenges Afghan children face through her artwork.

Arjaa continued to state that it was one of her favorite activities to show children’s problems in her portraits and thus in this manner, send a message that children should have a peaceful life in Afghan society.

The decades-long conflict in the country has left many children killed, wounded and orphaned while a large number of others are forced into labor due to poverty.