Kandahar youth warn against deadly repercussions of escalated violence


KABUL: Many youths in southern Kandahar on Tuesday condemned the recent hike in conflicts across the country, saying waging war and partaking in peace talks simultaneously would result in deadly repercussions.

The youngsters gathered in a conference to discuss the role of the new generation and youths in the peace process.

The gathering was organized by the Department of Information and Culture of the province in Shaheed Abdul Qadeem Patial Hall of the capital city Kandahar.

The participants condemned increased violence, civilian casualties, displacement of people and destructions, as well as looting of public facilities during the war.

“War has escalated in Afghanistan amid intra-Afghan talks in Doha,” said Kandahar youth affairs head, Hafiz Popal, adding people could not trust the ongoing peace process while innocent people were being killed every day and displaced from their homes; public property was being destroyed and stolen.

Popal referred to the Ghor incident and Helmand battle that caused people to lose trust in the peace process.

He said that it would have been very helpful if the international community and warring parties had reached a ceasefire and reduction in violence before peace talks were commenced.

Given the current crisis, youths should not remain silent, said another young man, Obaidullah Akhundzada, adding that holding conferences and gatherings were no longer helpful because youths should take practical steps for finding a solution to the current problem.

Another participant, Ikramullah, criticized the structure of the Afghan negotiation team in Qatar and said that most of the members of the team were representing specific ethnic groups and warlords, who did not care about the Afghans’ agony.