Doha talks: Contact groups confer on controversial issues


KABUL: The negotiating sides engaged in talks held yet another meeting on Monday in Doha to discuss the controversial points holding back progress so far.

Ahmadullah Wasiq, a member of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, says members of the contact groups of both the sides, the Taliban and the Afghan teams, held a meeting late on Monday.

He, in a tweet, explained that only three members from each team attended the meeting, during which they discussed controversial points and stressed on continuing such meetings in the future until a final understanding about the procedure was achieved.

Wasiq added that upcoming meetings would pave way for finalizing setting up procedural rules for negotiations between the two parties.

Meanwhile, a member of the Islamic Republic negotiating team confirmed both sides met on Monday evening, adding they “discussed the disputed issues. Both sides agree to continue the discussion.”

It’s pertinent to mention that the controversial points are said to set the guidelines for dealing with any issue raised during negotiations between the two teams. The delay has so far been caused by the Taliban’s insistence that Hanafi Islamic code should guide talks while the Afghan team has suggested other alternatives.

Intra-Afghan talks were launched in Qatar on September 12; however, no breakthrough has so far been made in this process.