'Minority rights mustn't be neglected in ongoing peace talks'


BALKH: Civil society activists and local authorities in Faizabad city, the capital of northeastern Badakhshan province, on Monday emphasized that the rights of minorities should be taken into account in the ongoing peace talks.

A gathering held about the rights of minorities in peace talks was organized by the Civil Society Network and Human Rights and Elimination Violence Organization.

Several civil society and human rights activists who participated in the conference stressed people’s participation from different classes of society in the peace process.

They believe that all the people, especially minorities of the country, should be adequately represented in the peace process. They said that without the presence of people belonging to various communities in talks, real peace would not be established.

Akhtar Mohammad Khairzad, deputy governor of Badakhshan province, who attended the meeting, talked about the role of people in achieving peace and said that the public should be given a part in negotiations.

He believes that warring parties in the country should stop bloodshed and fratricide.