Abdullah upbeat about Intra-Afghan talks’ fruitful outcome


KABUL: The Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) Abdullah Abdullah, during his visit to Iran, has said he’s optimistic that the ongoing intra-Afghan negotiations in Qatar would lead to a stable peace in Afghanistan.

Abdullah arrived in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Sunday morning at the head of an Afghan delegation to confer on issues of mutual interest with the Iranian officials.

During his interview with an Iranian TV on Sunday, he said that Afghanistan was now on the path towards peace and the Afghan and Taliban sides would settle the conflict through talks, given the opportunity at hand.

However, Abdullah said that the government side was eager to reach an agreement of peace with the Taliban, but the insurgent group was less interested in this regard. He hoped that the talks would one day succeed and peace, which is the premier demand of Afghans, would be achieved.

On the other hand, he stressed that democracy and elections should remain the system of governing in Afghanistan because that way, people could elect their leaders by their own choice.

People are tired of decades-long conflict and if the negotiations fail, it would mean the continuation of wars and more sufferings to the Afghan public, he added.

Abdullah is on a three-day trip to Tehran and has met with Iranian foreign minister, Jawad Zarif, and is scheduled to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and other high profile officials.

According to reports, the HCNR leader also met with several Afghan refugees based in Iran and listened to their problems.