US breaches Doha pact in various forms: Taliban


KABUL: The Taliban have accused the US of outright violation of the February agreement by conducting excessive airstrikes in the wake of recent ongoing clashes in southern Helmand province.

In a statement on Sunday, the insurgent group said that based on the Doha agreement, the US forces could not conduct non-combat zones.

However, the US forces conducted several air attacks in Nahr Saraj, Greshk, Marja, Nawa and Naadali districts of Helmand province in the last few days, the source said, adding that the US forces also carried out bombardments in Farah and some other areas, which the group termed clear violations of the agreement.

“All contents of the US-Islamic Emirate agreement are unambiguous, but the opposite side has violated its commitments on numerous occasions, are engaging in provocative actions and bombing non-combat zones,” the statement maintained.

The group warned the US would be responsible for any negative consequences that result from continuing these acts in the future, the group warned.