Press Govt., Taliban to declare a truce: PPM tells US


NANGARHAR: People’s Peace Movement (PPM) members have called on the United States to press the Afghan government and the Taliban to declare a ceasefire and pave the way for permanent peace in Afghanistan.

Members of the movement gathered in the Marko Bazaar area of the Shinwari district of Nangarhar province on Saturday to encourage people to support the peace process.

PPM leader, Iqbal Khyber, said their movement for uniting people on peace started on Friday in Shinwari, also known as Ghani Khel district, where a car bomb killed 14 people and wounded 42 other about two weeks back.

He said the Afghan government and the Taliban did not have the authority to negotiate a ceasefire, and that was the reason the movement decided to unite the public, as well as walk to Kabul and protest in front of the US embassy there.

Khyber said that they would tell the US that the key to stopping war was in their hand, asking the country to announce a ceasefire and end the Afghan conflict.