US, Taliban agree to reset actions amid dramatic rise in violence


KABUL: Following increased violence in the country and complications in the intra-Afghan talks, the US and Taliban have agreed to readjust actions and reconsider the implementation of all parts of the February’s peace agreement.

The US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation process, Zalmay Khalilzad, on Thursday in a series of tweets said, “Following several meetings General Miller and I had with the Taliban, we agreed to re-set actions by strictly adhering to the implementation of all elements of the U.S.-Taliban Agreement and all commitments made.”

Readjustment meant reduced numbers of operations as at present too many Afghans were dying, he said, adding with the reset, the top US officials hoped that the number of casualties to drop significantly.

Khalilzad added that attacks had been on the rise in recent weeks, something that threatened the peace process and alarmed the Afghan people and their regional and international supporters.

“We will do our part and will monitor implementation actively. All parties must deliver on their responsibilities. We thank our international partners for their assistance and support,” he concluded.

The recent developments in negotiations come as the Taliban and Afghan forces have recently engaged in intense fighting in several parts of the country, mainly Helmand province where both sides and civilians suffered heavy casualties and thousands of people were forced to leave their homes.

Meanwhile, the readjustment in the stance of the US comes at a time as intra-Afghans talks in Doha has made little to no progress as of yet.