War shattered our childlike trivial hopes: Orphans


Kunduz orphanage children lament losing parents to the never-ending war

BALKH: War-devastated children in northeastern Kunduz province who have lost their parents to the escalating conflict wish for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The children attended a gathering about peace organized by a media institution in the capital city of Kunduz province on Tuesday.

Local officials, representatives of international organizations, women’s rights activists, civil society activists, and the orphanage children and school students also participated in the event.

Several children, who lost their parents to war and now live in an orphanage, asked the warring sides to bring peace to the country.

They said that they did not want other children to face a similar fate as theirs, urging that the war should stop.

“War shattered our childlike trivial hopes”

Hashmat, who lost his father and other members of his family to war in Kunduz province, said “War and clashes have destroyed our childlike hopes.” Mahboob is another child who lost both his father and mother and now lives in an orphanage.

Mahboob and Hashmat are not alone; thousands of other Afghan children live a similar fate and are being taken care of in government orphanages.

Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal, Kunduz governor, who also attended the meeting, said that war ruined the country and orphaned many children and there was now a need for peace.

Mirzakwal hoped that if peace were established, there would be no miseries and children would routinely follow their education without fear.

“War is a cause for non-development”

Zabihullah Majidi, head of Culture and Media Communication Foundation, asked the Taliban and the Afghan government to cease war and declare a permanent ceasefire.

Pointing to the negative impacts of war, he said that the conflicts did not only render children orphans but also dragged people backward.

Habiba Gulistani, a women’s rights activist, said that children deserved peace and a bright future. “The ongoing war should be stopped immediately.”

Other meeting participants also called on the warring sides to declare a ceasefire and reach a peace agreement to resolve the country’s mire.