“Women are the worst-affected victims of conflict”


Nangarhar/Ghazni: Dozens of women in Kunar and Khost provinces have lent support to the ongoing peace talks and republican government dispensation, asking the parties into conflict to protect women’s rights and declare a ceasefire.

Kunar governor, provincial council head, other local officials, clerics and women’s rights who attended a gathering on Tuesday voiced their support for a republican system and peace while asking for preservation of war victims and religious minorities’ rights.

Kunar governor, Mohammad Iqbal, talking to the meeting said that they would defend the foundations of the current government system and would not accept any foreign interference in this regard.

Provincial Women Affairs Department Director Suhaila Babar said that only a republican system could represent them, requesting the government to increase women’s participation in the political sphere.

She asked the Taliban militants to embrace peace and shun insurgency by declaring a ceasefire.

Elsewhere, a similar meeting was held in Khost province where women supported the Republic of Afghanistan and asked the warring parties to stop war and bloodshed in the country.

Zahra Jalali, a provincial council member of Khost province, said that women were the most affected by the conflict as they lost their children and loved ones in war. She called on the Taliban and the Afghan government to declare a ceasefire and stop the ongoing bloodshed.

Shaafi Noorzai, Khost Women’s Affairs director, also supported the republican system and hoped for the success of the ongoing peace talks and an end to the war.

This comes as gatherings of this kind have also been held in several other provinces of the country.