Intensified violence amid talks ‘worrisome’: Abdullah


KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, head of the High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR), in a ceremony on Monday said that crucial steps were taken towards peace, but ongoing violence alongside talks had worried the Afghan public.

Talking at the opening ceremony of Zamzam Foundation, a humanitarian organization supporting war-affected people, Abdullah said that achieving a kind of peace which trample over the rights of ethnic groups, minorities and other classes of the society would be meaningless.

He said that no one would be allowed to damage the public rights to education, work, freedom of expression and elections, which had been achieved through years of efforts.

He said that crucial steps had been taken about peace and the Afghan people hoped the talks would produce a tangible outcome, as well as reduce the level of violence in the country. “Unfortunately, intensified violence amid talks has created concerns for people,” he added.

About the withdrawal of foreign forces, he said, “the leadership of any country takes decisions based on their own plans and interests but the international community had a firm commitment for a stable Afghanistan in the future.”

The peace negotiations between the Afghan and Taliban negotiators started on September 12; however, no noticeable positive advances have so far been made.

Following a lull in the Doha talks, negotiating teams from both sides held another meeting on Monday night but it ended without an agreement over the procedural rules.

“This evening, a meeting was held between the contact groups and during which the remaining contested issues were discussed, and it was agreed that the meetings would continue in the future,” a Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem Wardak tweeted on Monday.