Ceasefire will restore trust in peace process, believe Wardak women


GHAZNI: A number of women in central Maidan Wardak province have asked the Taliban and the Afghan government to declare a ceasefire aimed at restoring public trust about the peace process.

The women attended a conference organized by the Women’s Affairs Department of the province in the provincial capital, Maidan Shahr, on Monday.

Shakila Ghani, director of the Women’s Affairs Department, addressing the conference asked the Taliban to accept the country’s Constitution and women’s social, economic, cultural and political gains over the course of the past few decades.

“The war has affected all values and principles of the society and there is currently a need for efforts to ensure peace and end the conflict in the country,” she believed.

Eng. Taj Mohammad Omari, Deputy Governor for Maidan Wardak, called war an unfortunate phenomenon and said that the Afghan public wanted a permanent ceasefire.

He said that war was the mother of all miseries and a hurdle towards development. “It’s high time that the mindset of violence was changed to thoughts about peace.”