Paktia women voice support to peace talks, republican system


GHAZNI: Women from southeastern Paktia province on Monday called on the Taliban to shun insurgency and reach an agreement on peace in order to end the ongoing conflict in the country.

The women gathered in a conference in the Women Affairs Department of Gardez city, the provincial capital of Paktia province.

Paktia governor, Halim Fedayee, praised women’s courage and asked them to support the government in the ongoing peace process.

A number of district chiefs, civil society activists and journalists were also invited to the conference. Paktia Women Affairs Director Nasri Oryakhel talking to the conference, voiced her strong support to the current government and asked the militants to stop violence and work for peace.

Mulavi Khwajaddin Haqbayan also called on militants to follow the path of peace, shun violence and support the current government system.

Paktia women have previously also held similar meetings through which they conveyed their message of peace to the militants.