Opportunity for peace too good to miss: Herat clerics


HERAT: Religious clerics from western Herat province in a gathering on Sunday asked people to support peace as it protected intellectual, material and religious values.

The Ulema said that ongoing peace efforts should pave the way for permanent stability and an end to conflicts in the country.

“This war must be ended because it is a sinful conflict that takes lives from both sides and innocent people; it is a misery for all Afghans.”

Mulavi Sulaiman, an Islamic scholar, told the gathering that the first step should be a ceasefire between the Taliban and Afghan forces. “It is our divine responsibility to remove hatred among Muslims and get united for paving way for peaceful life,” he said.

“Talks in Doha and conflict inside the country cannot solve the problem, but it adds to more troubles and only Afghans are the victims of this war,” he added.

Mulavi Abdullah, a lecturer of Islamic law in Herat, believed that all conflicts end sooner or later with peace because blood cannot be cleaned by blood.

A tribal elder, Haji Faiz Mohammad Kakar, said that Afghans had suffered many types of violence over the past four decades – many Afghans lost their lives, had their houses destroyed, youths devastated, as well as people forced to mass migrations besides other problems.

He added that the opportunity made available about peace should be taken advantage of and the ongoing war should be put to an end at once.

“This war should be ended by talks because the situation will worsen if we do not take any action,” he said.

This comes as the peace process has widely been supported by people and activists from across the country. The Afghan public persistently calls upon the warring parties to work honestly for peace and end the war.