‘Impartial CSOs can play an effective role in peace process’


HERAT: Civil society activists during a conference in western Herat province have said civil society foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were impartial institutions; thus, they could play a significant role in the peace process.

They said civil society foundations, NGOs, youths and women should be given a part in the peace process so they could discharge their responsibility for the society and play an effective role in this regard.

Ghulam Faroq Raseb, one of the civil society activists, said that it was the responsibility of all intellectuals to convince the different classes of the society that Afghans need a better living and only peace could make that possible.

A women’s rights activist, Firoza, said that all the people should get united for supporting peace that will put an end to decades-long bloodshed in Afghanistan.

Hamid Momin, head of the Herat branch for Nai, an organization supporting open media in Afghanistan, said that media had helped make a positive image of peace in the public mind as they were made aware that peace was a need of the society.

Sakina Husna, a provincial council member of Herat, held similar views, acknowledging that media and civil society had played a positive role in peacemaking but efforts made in this regard had so far been project-based. “We need more coherent and effective measures in this regard.”

Intra-Afghan talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban were launched on September 12 in Qatar’s capital, Doha. However, no tangible developments have been so far made as the sides are bogged down in hammering out the details of working principles for further substantive talks.