Fed-up Wardak residents reiterate calls for a truce


GHAZNI: A large gathering of tribal elders, Ulema, Jihadi figures, youths and women of central Maidan Wardak province on Monday asked the warring parties to declare a permanent ceasefire.

Haji Akhtar Mohammad Taheri, head of the Maidan Wardak provincial council, talking on behalf of the people said that a ceasefire was the first step that should be taken towards peace in the country, urging the conflicting sides to stop the bloodshed and work honestly for peace.

Salahuddin Hamidi, head of the High Tribal Council of the province said, “War is shedding blood, destroying the government machinery, destructing infrastructure and instigating joblessness.” He said that blood cannot be cleaned with blood and warring parties should announce an immediate ceasefire.

Mulavi Aziz Rahman Seddiqi, head of the Ulema Council of the province, and some other local clerics also called on the Taliban and the government to declare a permanent truce.

They said that war had no winners and the sides into conflict should make the peace process a success by ending the deadly war in the country.

Shakila Ghani, director of Women’s Affairs Department of Maidan Wardak, talked on behalf of women and said, “Many women in this war have lost their brothers, husbands and other loved ones; their families are left without a caretaker. If a ceasefire isn’t imperative in the current gory situation, then when is?”

“Peace is the demand of every Afghan, the entire nation want a peace that protects the national and Islamic values,” said Maidan Wardak Governor Abdul Rahman Tariq, who also spoke on the occasion while stressing that a ceasefire was a prelude to peace.

He stated that the ongoing war damaged the country’s values and destroyed mosques, something he termed unacceptable any longer.

All the participants of the gathering in unison asked for a permanent ceasefire and peace in the country and said they were ready for rendering any kind of sacrifices and offering support in this regard.