“Peace will sharply decrease violence towards women”


BALKH: Youths and women’s rights activists in Faizabad city, the capital of Badakhshan province, on Tuesday said violence against women would decline if peace was ensured in the country.

At a conference organized by Mediation and Peace Network and Rana Private University, Saifuddin Sayes, head of the network, said that peace and stability in the country were dependent on the unity and solidarity of the public.

Several women’s rights activists who attended the conference believed that violence against women will reduce if real peace was established in Afghanistan.

They stated the perpetrators of the violence exploited the insecure environment for harassing women because they weren’t being brought to book for their misdeeds.

Dr. Adina Mohammad Amini, director of Rana Private University, said that youths and women were the backbones of society and they could play a great role in the peace process.

“Conflict and insecurity in the country hindered youths and women to make progress. These classes of the society should be facilitated to work for ensuring peace and stability,” Amini continued. 

This comes as hopes for peace in Afghanistan have arisen following the launch of intra-Afghan talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government in Doha of Qatar.