Qatar assures to remain impartial in Afghan talks


KABUL: The government of Qatar lends weight to the ongoing Afghan peace process, assuring that it wouldn’t meddle in the intra-Afghan Afghan peace talks.

Qatari National Security Adviser expressed the views in a meeting with Afghan negotiators in Doha on Friday.

A statement from the Afghan government’s negotiating team said that Qatar National Security Advisor Mohammad Bin Al-Masnad met with the chief Afghan negotiator, Masum Stanikzai, and discussed Doha’s cooperation in peace talks.

During the meeting, Mohammad Bin Al-Mesnad said that his country’s aim for hosting intra-Afghan talks was to bring peace to Afghanistan.

He stressed that Qatar would fully remain impartial in these negotiations, adding they would not comment on any issues being discussed in the talks but the country would keep supporting this process.

Qatar has previously hosted negotiations between the Taliban and the US which led to the singing of the US-Taliban agreement in February.

He reaffirmed Doha’s readiness to cooperate with Kabul on effectively advancing the intra-Afghan peace dialogue.