“Facilitate Ulema to reason with Taliban on religious basis”

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HERAT: Islamic scholars, civil society activists and residents of Herat province believe that the world apparently supports the Afghan peace process but some of the neighboring countries oppose it.

These figures gathered in a meeting in Herat city saying that the restoration of peace will help Afghans work for the development of their own country and make better relations with the world.

Mulavi Abdul Khaliq Haqqani, Herat Islamic and Hajj Affairs director, stated that some neighboring countries didn’t want peace in Afghanistan, whereas many cross-regional states supported it.

On the other hand, Islamic clerics while voicing their support to the peace talks requested a chance for the presence of Ulema on the negotiating team so they could respond to the Taliban’s religious arguments and deal with their concerns about a potential future government.

Mulavi Abdul Fattah and Qari Ahmad Rashid who also addressed the meeting concurred that war was not the solution and ensuring peace should be the priority.

Sayed Ashraf Sadat, a current affairs expert, view peace as a phenomenon that could pave way for developments in all areas, including education, art and livelihood.

This comes as similar gatherings to lend weight to peace efforts are regularly being organized in different provinces of the country.