Peace talks need unanimous backing: Badakhshan governor


BALKH: The governor of northeastern Badakhshan province on Wednesday said that everybody should support the intra-Afghan talks, urging that the ongoing conflict in the country, which daily claims the lives of many Afghans, should be ceased.

The gathering, organized by the Border and Tribal Affairs’ local department in the provincial capital, was attended by government officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations and influential figures.

Mohammad Zekria Sawda, Badakhshan governor, speaking at the gathering, said that peace talks that recently got underway among Afghans in Qatar should be supported by all the people.

About achievements made in the country over the last two decades, he said that the government was committed to defending these developments of the past in peace negotiations.

Sawda added that people were exhausted by the war that takes the lives of Afghans on a daily basis and that they wanted peace.

Several other participants of the event held similar views, asking the warring sides to listen to the voice of people for peace and shun the decades-long war.

Badakhshan is one of the country’s unstable provinces where Taliban and Afghan forces engage in frequent clashes.