Public plea for peace can’t be disregarded: Ghani

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KABUL: Peace is the desire of the Afghan people and could not be ignored, President Ashraf Ghani said in a meeting with journalists who recently returned from Doha. 

“We should not wait in the halfway and not forget the peace that was the basic demand of our people,” a statement from the Presidential Palace quoted him as saying on Sunday. 

 The president expressed the remarks this afternoon at the Presidential Palace while meeting several journalists who recently returned from Qatar.

“The road towards peace has been difficult but we must change this window into a gate, street and corridor,” he added.

Wahid Omar, a senior advisor to the president in public and strategic affairs, welcomed the journalists and briefed President Ghani over the media persons’ experiences, efforts and their activities.

The journalists who returned from Doha shared with the president their views, observations, experiences, memories, and meetings which they had with the Afghan government delegation and that of the Taliban’s. 

 Ghani said: “We have removed the obstacles in the way of face-to-face talks through consensuses developed among Afghans.”

Referring to the role of the media and journalists, he said: “In addition to a fundamental debate on the future, the nation’s questions must be answered because our open society decides freely and there is a national will.”