ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

About OrbandNews

OrbandNews is a maiden Peace News Network in Afghanistan that is focused solely on the peace process. Our agency has a vast network of journalists in the capital Kabul, as well as in the provinces, monitoring and reporting all major and minor developments concerning the ongoing Afghan peace process.

The agency is associated with the Afghan Peace Watch (APW), an umbrella organization producing research and digital publications. The term Orband in the Pashto language means a “ceasefire”; hence, the platform is merely publishing non-violent news. On the other hand, through our interactive infographic website – which is another key wing of the organization – we monitor, document and report all war-related security incidents.  

OrbandNews, as an impartial and independent platform, features the narrative of all key stakeholders engaged in the Afghan peace process. It has different sections for the Afghan Government, the Taliban, the People and the World aimed at incorporating their demands and expectations regarding sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the website has different categories for Interviews, Features, Analyses and Opinions so we give voice to the unheard grassroots level Afghan masses, as well as facilitate a wide-ranging discourse on Afghan peace efforts. 

Afghan Peace Watch (APW) is an independent, apolitical research organization and digital media platform exclusively focusing on understanding the Afghan war in order to effectively promote peace in Afghanistan. This independent peace watchdog has been established by a group of dedicated Afghans with an end purpose to promulgate the magnitude of consequences stemming from the decades-long conflict and war in Afghanistan.