Declare truce in honor of peace day: Logaris to warring sides


Ghazni: Resident of central Logar province call on both sides of the conflict to declare a ceasefire on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, saying it would serve as a trust-building measure in the peace process.

Abdul Rahman, director of the Information and Culture Department of Logar, who attended the ceremony commemorating the International Day of Peace, conferred on the importance of peace. “Peace should be given priority.”

Maulvi Asadullah Noori spoke on behalf of religious scholars in the ceremony and Ismatullah Stanekzai on behalf of the tribal elders.

Belquis Sir Sadat represented women, saying that the Afghan women were victims of war.

Rabia Stanikzai, deputy governor of Logar, addressing the participants said that Logar should become the source of peace and the message of peace should be spread to all corners of the country.

Other participants of the ceremony asked the government and the Taliban to agree on a ceasefire, saying the war phase had ended and now was the time for unity and brotherhood.

In addition to government officials, a large number of local people also took part in the program.