Ordinary people should mobilize for peace: Badakhshan residents


BALKH: A number of residents of Badakhshan province on Tuesday stressed that people should join hands to bring peace and stability in the country.

In a gathering organized to celebrate the International Day of Peace entitled ‘Let’s Build Peace Together’, they called for a nationwide peace in the country.

The conference that took place in Faizabad city, the provincial capital, was arranged by Lincoln Training Center and attended by several heads of government departments, NGOs and residents of Badakhshan.

Parviz Habibi, head of the center in Badakhshan, said the program was designed to raise voice for peace-seeking and peace-building so that people mobilize and join hands to work for it.

Abdul Basir Wasiq, a civil society activist in Balkh province, expressed content over the start of intra-Afghan peace talks in Qatar and called for a ceasefire.

Rumi Mohibullah Sharifi, a religious scholar, dubbed the war and bloodshed against religious and Islamic values, stressing that the two sides should respond positively to the call for peace.

As the gathering happened peacefully in the city of Faizabad, other parts of the province have been witness to fierce war between the Taliban and security forces.