'Scheme in the pipeline to integrate Taliban after peace'


KABUL: Assuring the Afghan people, President Ashraf Ghani on Monday said the world stood with Afghanistan and that peace wasn’t possible without acceptance, sacrifice and compromise.

Addressing a gathering marking the International Peace Day, the president said peace was the human right of Afghans and the government supported their right, adding it was the demand of all Afghans.

He said “our future shall be based on law, all the achievements should be protected in the peace process.’

There wouldn’t be any change in the Afghan Constitution without a legal method and changes would be brought only in compliance with the law, he maintained, saying “We need stability and peace to improve Afghanistan’s economy, develop the country and improve mines extraction. The republic is broad and has room for everyone.”

Ghani went on saying “We have a plan to integrate 60,000 to 120,000 Taliban fighters after the peace.”

Addressing the Afghan masses, he said: “Without acceptance, without sacrifice and a kind of compromise, peace is not possible. Please do not lose your patience.”

He stated that the Taliban were trying to compel the Afghan government to withdraw from the negotiating table. “These negotiations are like a game of chess but the entire world supported the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan system.”

“The world is on our side but what we are missing is political stability,” he regretted.

Meanwhile, the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) chairman Abdullah Abdullah also addressed the gathering and said the Afghans must remain united for peace and should not miss the current opportunity for peace.

He said, “The situation in Afghanistan was different 19 years ago when we reached the Bonn Agreement which resulted in the formation of an interim government and finally the transitional government was replaced by elected governments. So we are in a completely different situation.”

Implicitly referring to the Taliban, he said for peace, the language of peace must be used. “As we insist on upholding values in peace talks, we must believe in ourselves. Our negotiating team is talking in Qatar. We must be careful in our speech.”