Paktika women want cessation of violence amid talks


PAKTIKA: A number of women in southeastern Paktika province on Sunday called on both sides of the conflict to observe a reduction in violence, saying negotiations and conflict going hand in hand would undermine the whole peace process.

At a gathering held at the Women’s Affairs Department of Paktika in Sharana city, the provincial capital, participants said women were mostly affected in the conflict as they mourned the losses of their beloved ones due to war on a daily basis.

Khushbo Maidanwal, director of the department, told the gathering that the ongoing war had created psychological problems for mothers as they continued to lose their sons, brothers and spouses to the four-decade-old war.

The women are hopeful about the intra-Afghan talks in Doha but say that the conflicting parties should declare a truce while the peace negotiations are ongoing.

“There are discussions for ending the war but at the same time, the war is intensifying with each passing day and it kills our children and brothers,” said the participants, adding that public distrust of the peace process would simmer if the war in Kabul and talks in Doha continued at the same time.

This comes as 22 children and women were injured in an explosion targeting a tractor carrying wedding guests in Janikhel district of Paktika a day earlier.