“Govt. to satisfy Afghans’ desire for peace”


BALKH: Aimed at advocating and mobilizing efforts for the realization of peace and stability in Afghanistan, poets and intellectuals in northern Sar-i-Pul province held a gathering on Tuesday and presented their peace poetry.

The poetry-reading program entitled ‘The Anthem of Peace’ was held in Sar-i-Pul city, the provincial capital, in the presence of local officials, heads of government departments, representatives of non-governmental organizations and representatives of the security sector.

Writers and poets recited poems with the main theme of peace. Abdul Qadir Ashna, the governor of Sar-i-Pul province, who spoke at the event, believed that a peace-favoring mentality should be indoctrinated among people to promote a culture of peace.

Expressing hope for the intra-Afghan peace talks ongoing in Doha, he said that the Afghan government was working to achieve the Afghan people’s 40-year-old aspirations for peace.

Meanwhile, the attending poets and intellectuals stated that in order to achieve lasting peace in the country, peaceful coexistence and solidarity among the people of Afghanistan must be further strengthened.

They expressed their all-out support to the peace talks and called for a permanent ceasefire from the parties involved.

Elsewhere in eastern Nangarhar province, a number of women took to streets in support of peace, calling on the parties in Qatar to observe a permanent ceasefire, as well as not to ignore 18 years of achievements. “We demand the warring sides not to impose heavy conditions during the peace talks.”