Faryab residents earnestly demand peace, end to war


BALKH: A gathering, attended by officials, university professors, civil society and women’s rights activists, and youths, held in northern Faryab province on Saturday termed peace as the vital need of Afghans and called for an end to the ongoing conflict in the country. 

The event titled ‘Restoration of Consensus & Support to the Peace Process’ was organized by the Hurmat Civil Society Organization in the Maimana city, the provincial capital of Faryab.

Sayed Bismaillah Osmani, head of the organization in Faryab, said that peace was the fundamental demand of Afghans and any efforts being made for its achievement should be supported.

He asked all government and non-governmental organs not to hesitate in offering their cooperation regarding the peace process because peace benefitted all the people of Afghanistan.

Mullah Gul Ahmad Latifi, provincial Hajj and Islamic Affairs director, said that the ongoing war in Afghanistan flew in the face of the Islamic teachings and it should be brought to an end once and for all.

Other participants, among them several poets and writers, read out their poems and made remarks while counting the blessings of peace and harmony.

This comes as the long-anticipated intra-Afghan peace negotiations officially began in Doha, the capital of Qatar, on Saturday in the presence of international representatives and dignitaries in order to find a political settlement to the decades-long Afghan conflict.