Women's petition to UN seeks suitable role in peace process


BALKH: Women in northern Balkh province on Thursday launched a petition to demonstrate their all-out support for peace in Afghanistan, as well as secure a befitting role for themselves in the ongoing peace process.  

These women informed of their resolve in a gathering organized by the Equality for Peace and Democracy (EPD) in Mazar-i-Sharif city, the capital of Balkh province, regarding the nature of women’s role in the peace process.

Zarifa Sultanzi, a participant of the program, said the petition would be signed by 15,000 women in order to elicit their views regarding peace talks. “This drive of collecting signatures has begun in the whole country and the petition would be shared with the United Nations after completion.”

Mina Sayee Khair Andish, head of NAI, an organization supporting open media, in the north said women’s presence should be meaningful in peace talks and that they should also partake in decision-making.

She asked the warring parties to respect women’s opinions and suggestions and keep in view their past achievements.

The petition and women’s concerns on their role in peace talks come as some unendorsed demands, supposedly emanating from the Taliban, want the dissolution of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs from the organizational structure in a potential government-Taliban future dispensation.