Jawzjan artists launch street art campaign for peace


BALKH: Artists in Shiberghan city, the capital of Jawzjan province, on Tuesday launched a street art campaign for encouraging people to support the culture of peace in their regions.

The campaign was initiated by Bawar Media Center and supported by several civil society activists and journalists. The artists painted murals displaying messages of peace on walls in Shiberghan city.

One of the murals read ‘Children Want Peace’ and some others portrayed images of flying pigeons.

Farida Amini, an organizer of the campaign, said that artworks and cultural programs were the simplest and easiest ways for spreading messages of peace to the public.

She said that peace efforts should be supported because the development of a country was impossible in the absence of security.

Some other civil society activists say that the government should also launch cultural and social programs for promoting the culture of peace advocacy in the country.

The drive gets underway at a time when conflicts between the Afghan forces and the Taliban are still ongoing in some other parts of Jawzjan province.