Kandahar residents stage sit-in, call for a truce


KANDAHAR: Inhabitants of southern Kandahar province on Tuesday erected a tent to protest the inordinate delays in the ongoing peace process in the country, calling for the immediate launch of intra-Afghan negotiations.

The weary residents pitched a sit-in peace tent in the 1st Police District of Kandahar city, the provincial capital. Head of the National Peace Movement, Hekmatullah Solhi, warned they wouldn’t lift their tent unless their demands were met.

The protestors demanded that a ceasefire should be declared, intra-Afghan talks must begin at the earliest, civilian casualties should be brought to an end and public mediation should be facilitated in the peace talks.

Other demands included freeing all prisoners on both sides, taking into account national interests, protecting the rights of women and children, and ensuring lasting peace in the country.