Let’s raise a unanimous call for peace: Badakhshan youth


BALKH: Many youths in northeastern Badakhshan province have stressed that youngsters from across the country should raise a united voice for seeking peace in Afghanistan.

The enthusiastic young people gathered in a conference titled ‘New Generation’s Council for Peace’ which was organized by the Youth Contact Group in Faizabad city, capital of Badakhshan, on Sunday.

Atia Adil Mehraban, an organizer of the meeting, said that the program was aimed at collecting views and suggestions of youths about peace in Afghanistan.

She said that youngsters could play an important role in national issues such as peace and that they should take advantage of the existent opportunity for achieving stability in the country.

Asifa Karimi, a women’s rights activist in Badakhshan, talking about the importance of peace, asked the young class of the Afghan society to advocate for peace.

Some other participants also held similar views, emphasizing that the youth should effectively play their role in the ongoing peace talks.