Badakshan activists vow to work for peace


BALKH: Inhabitants and activists of northeastern Badakhshan province on Saturday flew pigeons in the hope that peace and stability would return to Afghanistan.

A number of civil activists, media people, and representatives of the people and youth gathered in a ceremony in Faizabad city, the provincial capital, to raise their voice for peace by releasing the birds into the sky.

The participants of the event believed that the white doves were a symbol of peace and tranquility and so they showed their part in peace-making efforts by flying the birds.

Rumi Zabihullah Atiq, a public representative from the province in the Parliament, said that one of the long-standing aspirations of the Afghan people was peace and stability, “therefore, we are making efforts to realize it.”

Other attendees, including children, wished a prosperous future for the new generations of Afghanistan through the realization of peace and stability in the country in order for them to have better educational opportunities.

Abdul Basir Haqjo, chairman of the Badakhshan Journalists’ Council, believed that peace was one of the national values ​​and that various organizations should work for institutionalizing the culture of peace-making.

Doves flew in the blue sky in the city while in the other corners of the province, people are witnessing flumes of smoke due to war and fighting.