Kandahar clerics begin conferring on peace in Friday’s sermons


KANDAHAR: In a first-ever move, religious scholars in southern Kandahar province brought up discussions on the importance of peace and the harms of war during Friday prayer sermons.

Earlier, religious scholars used to be criticized for exercising detrimental caution in terms of avoiding to address and demand an end to war and ensuring peace, and for failing to fulfill their responsibilities in this regard.

However, in a large mosque in Kandahar City, where hundreds of people had gathered for Friday prayers, Maulvi Faizul Haq Maghfoori focused all of his Friday’s sermon on the pros of peace and the cons of war.

This is while the general public considers the role of religious clerics useful in this regard, calling on them to confer on and initiate discussions on the causes and evils of war.

On the other hand, new reports suggest that the expected talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are delayed once again as the government’s negotiating team won’t be able to visit Qatar until the end of this week.

RFE/RL quotes Hafeez Manoor, a member of the Afghan government’s 21-member negotiating team, as saying that the team won’t be able to travel to Doha till the end of this week for the launch of intra-Afghan talks, citing the Taliban team’s failure to return to Qatar from Pakistan as of yet. 

This comes as part of goodwill and facilitating gesture, the warring sides have recently completed a prisoner swap, previously considered the main hurdle, in order to kick-off the all-Afghan talks.