Balkh women want past gains protected in peace process


BALKH: Women in northern Balkh province on Thursday announced their support to the Afghan peace process, stressing that achievements gained in terms of women’s situation in Afghanistan over the past two decades should be protected and preserved.

A meeting organized by Balkh Women’s Affairs Department was attended by several women’s rights activists, civil society members and university lecturers in Mazar-i-Sharif city, the capital of the province.

Shahla Hadid, director of Balkh Women’s Department, addressing the conference stated that the aim of the meeting was to elicit women’s views and suggestions regarding peace in Afghanistan.

The views gathered from women would then be shared with the government’s negotiating team so they take them into account during the peace talks with the Taliban, she added.

A number of women’s rights activists welcomed peace talks but stressed that the achievements and activities of women should not be underestimated.

Shekiba Shekib, a women’s rights activist in Balkh, stated that protection of women’s accomplishments and their rights was one of their fundamental demands.