Enraged Paktia women vow to stand against warring sides


GHAZNI: Dozens of women in southeastern Paktia province on Wednesday rallied in support of peace, urging the Afghan warring sides to put an end to bloodshed or the Afghan women would stand against them.

The protesting women said that the ongoing war in the country had caused them to endure many mental health problems as they lost their beloved ones every other minute to the conflict.

“The war has turned off the lights of many homes and women, who shed tears in despair, meet their brothers in coffins to bid them farewell for the last time.”

The rallying women carrying slogans against war added that they hated everyone that went against peace, saying peace was important than anything else for Afghans.

The voice for peace has recently been raised in many provinces of the country and Paktia is one of them. A day earlier, a number of young artists in Balkh province launched a street art campaign in support of peace in Afghanistan.