Employ Jirgas to kick-start peace parleys: Kandahari youth to warring sides


KANDAHAR: Disappointed by frequent hurdles in the Afghan peace process, people in the southern part of the country propose exercising and utilizing Jirga, a traditional assembly of elders, as a means and conducive stimulant to the launch of intra-Afghan talks between the warring sides.

A number of youths from Kandahar province in a gathering urged the conflicting parties to seek out a traditional Afghan method for ending the four decades of miseries in the country and reaching sustainable peace.

Worried by the fact that the peace process may be shattered before reaching fruitful results, they believed foreign countries couldn’t bring peace to Afghans, mostly because they aimed at securing their own interests in the Afghan war.

“Currently, there is a great opportunity made available for ensuring peace and, God forbid, the country would enter yet another four decades of war if this chance is missed.”

The youths said that warring sides should not expect foreigners to bring peace for them but they should look for help from their own elders and Jirgas for achieving this important need of life.

The Kandahar youths were hopeful about peace but added the warring sides should also not create problems on the path to peace

The youngsters maintained that the ceasefire was important for starting the intra-Afghan talks. “Considering the harsh confrontations between the parties into conflict, it seems that they have no will for peace but they should know that a ceasefire is a sine qua non for future steps.”

“If the warring sides are committed to peace then they should first announce truce and then start peace negotiations through Jirgas,” the youth proposed.

These calls come as clashes between the Afghan forces and the Taliban have recently intensified in some provinces of the country.