Kunduzis call for truce, all-Afghan talks' launch at once


BALKH: Scores of residents and officials in northern Kunduz province on Sunday urged for immediate launch to the intra-Afghan talks, asking the warring sides to announce a permanent ceasefire and put an end to the ongoing conflict which is taking the lives of many Afghans with each passing day.

A gathering titled “Afghan People’s Expectations, Wishes & Concerns about Intra-Afghan Talks: Permanent Ceasefire, Sustainable Peace” was organized by the Equality for Peace and Democracy Organization in the capital city of Kunduz province. The event was attended by a number of local officials, civil society activists, Ulema, women and youths.

The participants stressed intra-Afghan talks should start at the earliest possible and a permanent ceasefire should be announced, adding the public wanted a lasting peace in the war-ravaged Afghanistan.

“The government had promised to launch the intra-Afghan talks once all the prisoners of the Taliban were freed but there still hasn’t been any steps taken in this regard,” they complained.

“The public has found some hopes about peace in the country and they should not be turned back to frustrations,” they maintained.

Hashmatullah Rahimi Arzbegi, acting Kunduz governor, said that the Afghan government was committed to bringing lasting peace to the country and it had been working for that.

He believed that achievements made over the past two decades in Afghanistan would be protected and the public should not worry about losing them.

This comes as clashes between the Afghan forces and the Taliban have intensified in parts of Kunduz province.

In the meantime, similar events of announcing support to intra-Afghan talks are constantly being held in various provinces.