Efforts for peace a shared responsibility: Balkh university students


BALKH: A number of students and young people in northern Balkh province stress that all people should work for lasting peace in the country because it’s the shared duty of all citizens.

A debate on strengthening youth participation in the peace and state-building processes was organized by the Services Organization for Unity and Development (SOUND) in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the provincial capital.

Babar Joraat, head of SOUND in Balkh province, said that students from different universities had participated in the debate and discourse while presenting their plans, views and suggestions on how the peace and state-building processes in the country should proceed.

Speaking on behalf of the debate team of Balkh University, Rint Jassour considered the contribution of young people in the national process as effective and called for further efforts in this regard.

He believed that if the youth in the country were groomed and given a role, they could make healthy and beneficial struggles in the peace process.

Other debaters and participants held similar views, adding that students should encourage other youth to discharge an active role in key national processes such as peace.

The intervarsity debate comes as there has been a lot of talks and discussions about the how and why of peace talks for several months now, and hopes have arisen for reaching a long-lasting peace in the country.