Jawzjan people lent weight to the peace process


BALKH: Many Islamic scholars, tribal elders and residents of northern Jawzjan province on Wednesday announced their support for the Afghan peace process.

Participants of a gathering organized in Khanaqa district discussed peace talks, urging the warring parties to make honest efforts for ending the ongoing conflict and ensuring sustainable peace in the country.

Mirwais Khan Abdali, head of Jawzjan’s tribal affairs who also attended the meeting, said that people were tired of violence and war and that they were thirsty for peace.

Khanaqa District Chief Mohibullah also talked about the importance of peace and said Afghans were impatiently waiting for the return of this important aspect of life.

A resident of the district, Khuda Burdi, said they could not return to their homes for the last two years due to conflicts in their area. He said that he was tired of spending his life away from his home and would like to go back to his village and enjoy farming if peace returns.

Abdul Wafa, another resident of the district, said he lost 11 relatives and members of his family in the ongoing conflict, requesting the warring sides to stop shedding the blood of their brothers and civilians and join the peace process.

Khanaqa is one of the relatively stable districts of Jawzjan but Taliban movements can be sporadically seen in some of its parts.