Stop bloodshed & fratricide: Helmandis to conflicting sides


KANDAHAR: Thousands of residents in southern Helmand province on Tuesday called for long-lasting peace and stability in the country, urging the international community to play a mediator’s role among the Afghan warring sides.

Provincial Governor Gen. Muhammad Yasin, who participated in the gathering, assured people that the Afghan government was fully prepared and committed to the peace process.

He said ‘war’ was another name for destruction and the only solution to it was the all-Afghan talks. “If we look at our history dating back to over 5,000 years, we will discover that every misery, problem and conflict has been resolved through peace, dialogue and Jirgas.”

Meanwhile, other participants of the conference stressed the need for putting an end to the war and achieving peace through the launch of intra-Afghan talks. “Peace is the desire of every Afghan and thus there should be no more bloodshed and fratricide.”

“War has rendered our people uneducated in addition to martyring thousands. This situation isn’t tolerable to the Afghan nation anymore; we demand the launch of peace dialogue as soon as possible.  

Meshrano Jirga member Muhammad Hashim Alkozay, who was also a participant of the gathering, addressed the destructive effects of war and Afghans’ agony. “War has taken away our youth, elders, scholars and experts; therefore, the parties into conflict should end this mire through negotiations.”