MoFA monitoring Pakistani curbs on Taliban


KABUL: Subsequent to Pakistan’s recent order of imposing sanctions on Taliban leaders, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Tuesday said it had reviewed and taken note of the order, asking the Pakistani government to fulfill its international commitments.

Last Friday, Pakistan issued the order in a statutory notification (SRO), calling for strict enforcement of assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo on the Afghan insurgent group.

The MoFA then said information regarding the curbs would be shared with the media after an assessment of the SRO.

A recent statement from MoFA following a review of the SRO stated that the ministry would continuously monitor and follow the process of implementation of the SRO and that of all pertinent UN resolutions.

The statement called on Pakistan to abide by its international commitments and responsibilities in fully implementing the relevant UNSC resolutions.

“The Government and people of Afghanistan are committed to countering the financing and support for terrorism as well as achieving a sustainable and lasting peace in the country,” it added.

The statement also called on the Taliban to immediately begin peace negotiations and fully commit to lasting and dignified peace in order to avoid risking exposure to further international sanctions.