Balkh elders confer on benefits of peace


KABUL: Religious scholars and tribal elders in northern Balkh province on Sunday called for achieving a ‘real’ peace in the country, advising the warring sides that the benefits of peace outweigh that of war.

A public gathering was organized by Municipal Advisory Council in Mazar-i-Sharif, the provincial capital city, on the benefits of peace and reconciliation in the country that was participated by religious scholars, tribal elders, civil activists and youth.

Qamar al-Din Shahrokhi, deputy head of the council, said the initiative was launched to support ordinary masses in the peace process and end the war in the country.

“People are tired of war and want peace with all their might,” he said, noting that one of the pros of peace was progress in the country.

Maulvi Zabihullah Haqjo, a religious scholar in the province, addressing the gathering described war and insecurity as contrary to Islamic values and stressed the need for peace. “Real peace in the country is not feasible unless the people of Afghanistan maintain their solidarity and unity and raise the voice of peace in unison.”

Habiba Nazari, a women rights activist in Balkh province who attended the meeting, said that peace must be ensured in the country so that our children could get a better education.

This comes as Afghan citizens’ hopes for peace and stability in the country have risen but security threats undermine those aspirations from time to time.