No more obstacles to peace: Kandahari youth


KANDAHAR: Several youths and civil society activists in southern Kandahar on Sunday called upon the warring sides not to impose conditions on each other and remove all obstacles to peace and stability in the country.

In a gathering organized at the Press Club, Gul Rigwal, a participant, pledged the civil society would further spread the voice of peace through its activities while urging the international community to do more for the Afghan peace process.

Hekmatullah Afghan, head of the Afghan Civil Society in the province, said both sides into the conflict should accept the people’s demands in terms of a ceasefire and immediate launch of intra-Afghan talks.

“The government released more than 5,000 Taliban prisoners as a gesture of goodwill but the Taliban have recently refused to negotiate with the government as a formal and legitimate entity. This is a new obstacle to peace.”

Faizi, another young Kandahar resident, said Afghans were tired of the prolonged war and could no longer tolerate it.