Taliban block IED-rigged Kandahar-Uruzgan highway


KANDAHAR: The Taliban have blocked the Kandahar-Uruzgan Highway against truckers and passenger vehicle drivers, warning that violators would face justice in Sharia courts.

In a threatening letter issued on Sunday – effective immediately — the insurgent group directed people not to travel on the Dambar Highway as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) had been implanted along the route.

Ordering drivers and passengers to use alternative roads between the provinces, the insurgents completely prohibited commute on the road.

They said if anybody didn’t comply and traveled the forbidden road while risking people’s lives, they would be brought to book in a Sharia court.

Meanwhile, the governor’s spokesman in southern Kandahar, Ahmad Bahir Ahmadi, said security forces were trying to defuse the landmines and clear the road for travel.