Drug cultivation was zero during our rule, claim Taliban


KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has warned that the release of the final batch of the Taliban inmates would lead to increased drug trade in the UK and European nations; however, the Taliban vehemently invalidate Ghani’s remarks, saying their prisoners had never been involved in the drug trade.

During an exclusive interview with the London-based ‘The Times’ newspaper, Ghani said of the Taliban prisoners: “They have killed both our international guests and our people; they have a lot of blood on their hands; and they’re people who are large drug dealers…”

The president further stated that the West would bear responsibility if a wave of narcotics hit the UK and the European nations following the release of the final batch of Taliban prisoners.

“If drugs go through the roof in the United Kingdom and Europe, all your leaders have been part of this,” Ghani said, adding “If amphetamines reach the shores of the United States and if these people commit crimes, it’s a shared international responsibility.”

On the other hand, the Taliban alleged that during the Islamic Emirate’s regime, the cultivation of narcotics in Afghanistan was zero.

The insurgent group told Afghan Peace Watch (APW): “The efforts of the American occupation and their enslaved slaves have made Afghanistan the world’s number one drug-producing country every year for the past 19 years.”

They utterly denied that their imprisoned fighters were involved in the drug trade.

This comes as the Afghan government agreed last week to release the 400 hard-core Taliban prisoners following Loya Jirga’s approval. However, only 80 of those controversial prisoners have been released so far while 320 are still being held by the government. The Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib in this regard said: “We are waiting for the Taliban to release some Afghan commandos and pilots they are holding before we release the rest of the Taliban inmates.”